Seeking Help with Dreamweaver or Databases

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Seeking Help with Dreamweaver or Databases Empty ideas,

Post  Dave Eilers on Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:55 am

i would be willing to advise a bit.

For a local database, you will have to go with access on windows or sqlite which works anywhere. You need something to interface with it, not sure about dreamweaver's options, but if you are doing a local install you will need to run a local webserver.

I can explain in more detail in person

If it will be a local hyperlinked document, with tons of connected bits a wiki might actually be a good choice. They are somewhat built for just such a need. There is one I'm a big fan of called tiddlywiki ( , which is actually based on javascript and stores all the data and code in a single html file, which means it is mega easy to move around from computer to computer _and_ will work on any platform (because the browser is the platform)

I can go over the benefits and drawback to different options with you sometime, and will enjoy doing so.

Peace out.

Dave Eilers
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Seeking Help with Dreamweaver or Databases Empty Seeking Help with Dreamweaver or Databases

Post  Rich Coker on Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:40 pm

I'm in the process of creating a cross-indexed document on education law, and while the paper document will be a useful resource, I'm thinking that some sort of an e-document would be even more accessible.

Theoretically, what I have in mind could be hosted on the internet, and so I'm considering using Dreamweaver (only because it's the only website design software I have access to at my campus, so save the 'Dreamweaver and Microsoft sucks' comments because I don't have much of a choice) to create it, but if I go this direction I'd want it to also be usable without an internet connection. I'm wondering if this is possible and easy to implement.

If not, I'll have to create some sort of similar and easily accessible and downloadable database, something I have even less experience with than using Dreamweaver. (read: no experience at all, can Office handle that kind of a project?)

I'm usually a quick learner for this sort of thing, I'd just like some advice on how to get started with it. There'd be little to no extended commitment on your part.


email at richard DOT coker AT gmail DOT com
Rich Coker
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