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Post  ched on Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:53 am

I had fun with you folks this afternoon. I started playing Ultimate in college in Louisiana. In Charleston, SC, we used to play for 2 hours every afternoon; we were fanatics. I've never played competition -- pickup only.

About me: I grew up in Louisiana, and I lived in Charleston for a year and a half, so the northwest is a new thing for me. I love it so far. :] My hobbies are pretty diverse: ultimate, hiking, hunting, SCUBA, I skydived once, paintball, reading, running, and sometimes I play WoW. I pay the bills by crewing a submarine.

See ya Sunday!

Oh yea I love that video of the guys making fun of Ultimate players.

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I play frisbee Empty My name is Matt and I'm a frisbee adict.

Post  Samson on Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:36 am

The first time I ever played ultimate it was called Frisbee Football. I played it when I was 11 (1985) at waterpolo camp at Perperdine in Malibu. Only played it once.

After a long hiatus, I was reintroduced to the game in 1992 and shortly thereafter participated in the 1st Annual Anchorage Ultimate Tournament. I was hooked (and skinny and fast and clogged like all noobies).

In 2000 I was the tournament director for the 10th Annual Anchorage Ultimate Tournament which was my last big hoorah. I moved shortly thereafter to Olympia to start the MIT program at Evergreen. Thanks to Papito (and others) for taking me in.

We also had an "official" Evergreen ultimate team. The college let us use their vans to travel to tournaments as far away as Ashland and Bend. Those were good times.

Then this upstart named Koloseus showed up from Kansas and it all started to go downhill...

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I play frisbee Empty My name is Will, and I throw swill

Post  Will on Mon Feb 11, 2008 6:57 am

I have played ultimate since August 2005, and it is pretty much the best thing. When I came to Evergreen, I saw that the school had no ultimate team, so I started one, and it was a good thing.

I like to make and eat pancakes on Sunday, then get high and chase a plastic disc around for a couple hours.

Jeremy, your avatar is freaking me out. Please stop Mad

gooey love,

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I play frisbee Empty hi - my name is not Ken Dobbins

Post  Olypapito on Sat Jan 26, 2008 6:20 am

So...I just wanted to say hi to test this whole "new" page. affraid I guess it works. So, while I'm at it, I have a link here for those who can't take frisbee seriously enough. Hopefully this will help get your priorities straightened out.

It is basically two couch potatoes making fun of Ultimate and you get to watch clips from 1989 Nationals.
the story does continue after the commercials so just be patient.

Once you are done, How do your priorities stack up with the best player in ultimate, Ken Dobbins?
As a means of introduction, here are mine.
1. Ultimate
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Work
5. Party (which may or may not include quarters)
6. Travel
7. "The light"



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I play frisbee Empty I play frisbee

Post  Ian Ferguson on Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:52 pm


My name is Ian. I live in Tumwater. I've been playing ultimate since August of '92. I have two boys; Colsen, age 3, and Case, age 1.

edit: I also like some other forums, like these: http://olyblog.net/

Another edit: I thought I'd tell you about the morning I had the other day. What a morning I had. I'll give you the short version which
doesn't include the pretzel injury or the things I left on the roof of the car. We had a sock and shoe mutiny. Now that I've had coffee I
realize matching socks are overrated. Case has 23 different kinds of single socks. Not just different color (which I might have overcome more easily) but different in every way, color, texture, size, weight. The diversity is truly astounding.

After a long search, I found a matching pair. But then we couldn't find Colsen's shoes. After a long search, we went on to plan B, his rain boots. One of the handles came off as he pulled them up. One "didn't fit". They were on the wrong feet. Second try, on the right feet, still no luck. One fit, one didn't.

At this point, I notice Case has lost one of his socks. After a long search, brilliantly, I realize it must be in the toe of the boot that
doesn't fit. But it is not there. It has just disappeared.

At this point, they are both crying for no apparent reason. The boots fit two days ago. I try to force the one recalcitrant boot on, and now Colsen has a reason to cry.

After several more long searches, I find Cole's regular shoes and a pair of reasonably similar socks for Case, but I have pulled all my hair out.
Ian Ferguson
Ian Ferguson

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I play frisbee Empty Re: I play frisbee

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