Introducing: Bill Shea

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Introducing: Bill Shea Empty Introducing: Bill Shea

Post  Ian Ferguson on Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:20 pm


I am not Bill Shea, but I felt he needed introducing, since he is now an Olympia celebrity, having his picture in the Olympian and all.
Introducing: Bill Shea 288-0217date.standalone.prod_affiliate.38

This picture accompanied an article (see in which a young woman (her last name is Price, could be Jon's mom?) describes her worst date ever. Was it with Bill? Probably. That part's a little unclear. But he did lick her ear.

The article also mentioned that it's hard to find good single men in Oly. Sheesh, all they had to do was *look at their own picture*. There he is, keeping warm in a fashionable wool hat, drinking a Bud light.

"In Montana, they didn't measure distance in miles, but in beer. They'd say, "drive to Missoula?, oh, that's about a six pack"." - Korey Malone
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