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Post  Ian Ferguson on Wed Mar 05, 2008 4:38 am

Next Sunday, March 9th (aka day after Slog in the Bog, aka Daylight
Saving Time Day), we'll do our next clinic. Due to positive response
and overwhelming numbers, we'll schedule another throwing clinic soon
with frisbee limbo. But not this week.

This week will be about defense. We'll start with marking, including
the following:

- How do I stop the most dangerous throw, while giving up the least?
- How do I adjust my mark depending on the offensive set (Ho Stack or
- How do I disrupt the timing and planning of the offense?
- How do I adjust my mark depending on the offensive players skills?

Then, we'll do some drills to cover the first three items in that list.

I think we'll have some time left to cover some team defense ideas
like setting up and doing switches on D. And maybe we'll have time to
work on the hidden zone trick (and how to implement it against
different offensive sets.).

Here's the schedule:

1-1:15 warm up and stretch
1:15-1:35 marking against a Vertical stack (force forehand).
1:35-1:45 marking against a Ho stack (no huck).
1:45-2:00 team defense walkthrough, then run through

There will be more doing and less speeching from me, but questions are
always good.


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