How slowpokes get open

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How slowpokes get open Empty How slowpokes get open

Post  Ian Ferguson on Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:57 pm

I just read an interesting article on this topic:

The take home message from this is two-fold: 1) On offense, you should always be trying to create a better situation relative to your defender. Do not let the defender get comfortable. Move to where she can't see you, make sure she has to watch you, so she doesn't know when the dump swing occurs and you're cutting angle has suddenly changed. 2) On defense, do not let your cutter make plans. If your cutter can predict where you will be, he will envision three plans. Plans will be like this: if there's a dump swing I'll go here, if there's a throw up the line I'll go here, if Samson gets it I'll go long. Now each one of those plans will involve setting up the D using the methods described above, so don't get set up. Keep moving. My favorite is to make the strong side look wide open by appearing to be out of position but only briefly. While my cutter is trying to figure out what is up with that, the count gets higher.

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How slowpokes get open Empty I read part of it...

Post  Samson on Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:19 am

The things I took away from that article was 1) always work on O to get your D out of position, and what was revolutionary to me, anway 2) all Defenders should be counting the stall so they know the relative threat of each offensive cut.

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