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Post  Ian Ferguson on Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:34 pm

We were going to do end zone plays, but we decided instead to work on teaching the Horizontal Stack. We will start at 3 p.m. on March 16th

There are a variety ways to do a horizontal stack (aka "spread offense"). We will work on helping people know what they're cutting options are, what their cutting priorities are, and how to avoid getting trapped by a "switching" defense.

If you want to do some reading about this offense, try here:

O Team Strategy:

Other perspectives:

"One of the joys of the horizontal stack is that you donít necessarily need to work with your teammates in order to get open. Of course, itís certainly easier if you do...If you decide to go with this free form plan the basic rules of cutting, which you learned when you were running straight stack, still apply. Good deep cuts originate 10-15 yards from the thrower. So donít start cutting to the house from 35 yards away. It doesnít matter how open you are, your defender will catch-up. Similarly, itís still a good idea to cut back to the disc if you find that youíre the deeper than any of your teammates. Even if you donít get the disc, youíll open up the deep space for them."


PS: fun quote about learning ultimate:

"I sometimes feel like Ultimate is working on some sort of master/apprentice system, with trade secrets being passed down through whispers and hand signals. Iíve been playing for a while and have even played at a fairly high level (up to playing in the mixed division at the Canadian Nationals in 2002). Yet as new strategies come about I get the feeling that players are expected to learn the new stuff through osmosis or something. One great example is the wildly varying methods of horizontal offence Iíve had described to me over the past few years. I have not had it described the same way twice."

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